Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Discs

Utilising the highest quality resin and fiberglass cloth at our manufacturing facility, we produce several variants of fiberglass discs for different types of grinding wheel manufacturers.

Diameter – 23mm to 1000mm

Backing – Wax paper, Black paper or Fleece paper

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We manufacture Teflon coated discs for grinding wheel manufacturers, which are used as separators between the grinding wheels for ease of separation and improving the curing of wheels. We produce several variants of different GSMs and sizes as per your requirement.

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Teflon Coated Discs

Fiberglass Backing Pads for Flap Wheel Discs

Fiberglass Backings Pads have an excellent ratio of weight to strength (light weight and high strength). They form a crucial component of all types of Flap Wheel Discs. Our Backing Pads are available in different sizes and qualities as per your requirement.

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We utilise the latest technology in paper coating to manufacture wax coated paper of different variants, GSMs and width. Our technology allows us to maintain a consistent and smooth finish of coating.

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Wax Coated Paper

Fiberglass Woven Fabrics

We provide high quality fiberglass mesh used for manufacturing of fiberglass discs for the grinding wheel industry. Our mesh is available in different weaving styles, GSM, mesh dimensions and glass types.

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